Jessica had a tough time saying yes to Jefferson. She knew she loved him but still the scar she had from her previous marriage inhibited her from going ahead in this relationship. However, she accepted his proposal as she was confident that he was the right man for her. But was that the case? Jessica had been seeing what Jefferson wanted her to see. But things got clear when Jefferson made a confession to her on their wedding day. He was in love with someone else.

Whereas the entire room was stunned by the confession, there was one man who was filming this. Check out the video that will touch your heart for sure.

Love Forever

The wedding is one of the most beautiful traditions made by humans. It celebrates love, understanding, and trust that two people hold for each other. The wedding not only unites two souls for entire life but also makes other people believe in this beautiful feeling.       

The Couple

Jefferson and Jessica hit it off the instant they met each other. The duo began to date. It didn’t take them much time to realize that they belong with each other. Jefferson asked his beloved to marry him and Jessica said yes. It was time for the two to exchange the vows soaked in love and trust.  

Failed Marriage

It wasn’t easy for Jessica to say yes to him. The woman already had seen a failed marriage before. Unfortunately, the marriage had ended at such a bitter note that it took her years to overcome that. Not to mention, Jefferson’s company had helped her a lot in forgetting her horrible past. That is why when he proposed to her, she could not say no. She knew he was exactly the man she was looking for all her life. However, there was one more thing that made her doubtful about her step.

Single Mother

Jessica had a nine-year-old child from her former marriage. She was already parenting a child at the time she met Jefferson. However, Jefferson never seemed to be affected by it. However, Jessica had no idea that her bitter past was going to rule the most important day of her life. She soon was going to learn something surprising about her would be husband on her wedding day.


Portugal is one of those few countries that successfully bears cultural diversity that exists in harmony with one other. English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish are the predominant languages of Portugal. Jessica and Jefferson both had Portuguese as their language and so decided to celebrate their special day by following Portuguese tradition.     

Looking Great!

If you are a woman you may agree that every girl starts planning for her wedding day right from her childhood. And one of the most important parts of their plan is choosing the wedding dress they would be wearing. Jessica too had been dreaming about her special day from a very long time. She wanted it to be perfect. She graced her wedding day in a white dress. The bride accessorized her pretty dress with a tiara and veil that looked fabulous on her. The groom too had groomed himself well. The suit looked dapper on him. They were looking their best on their best day. However, one could tell by looking at Jefferson that he was a bit disturbed.