Stuck In The Street

It didn’t take long for Joanie to realize that her small grocery shopping trip was going to get her in trouble and she should have stayed home instead of going out. The 96-year-old didn’t have enough in her legs to keep walking upright and the wind was only aggravating her trouble. She had to find a way to rescue herself from storm Doris as things could turn ugly in a matter of few seconds. 

Clinging For Dear Life

Storm Doris certainly made her presence felt as the gusts of wind were at a speed of 60 mph in Joanie’s town. The old lady got stuck in the middle of the storm and she was feeling absolutely helpless against the thunderous storm and there was no appropriate place to hide nearby. In an effort to save herself from the raging storm, she took a few steps towards the nearest light post and grabbed it. She held the light post as tight as she could, hoping that she could survive the terrifying winds. 

Not Helping Much

The old woman had clung tight to the light post but was it enough to save the life of this old woman. The high-speed storm might not have as much trouble to a young individual but things were much different in Joanie’s case. She was a 96-year-old woman who relied on a walking cane to move under normal circumstances and given the situation, this was anything but normal. However, Something strange was about to happen when Joanie least expected it.

Dan Barret

Dan Barret was a 25-year-old realtor and he was in his office when Storm Doris was raging upon almost every part of the United Kingdom. He was having a normal day at work along with his colleagues and they were all aware of the potential danger that lied outdoors. Due to the extreme weather conditions, Dan and his colleagues didn’t have much work to do and they were sitting idle for most of the time and it was when Dan caught an interesting sight.

Taken Aback

A young man who happened to work nearby noticed the sight of this old struggling woman. The man who caught Joanie’s sight was named Dan Barnett, a realtor who had been sitting in his office like any other day when he first saw Joanie holding the light post through the window of his office. Dan was surprised and angry at the same time when he noticed something that appeared shocking to him.

Can You See Me?

Dan wasn’t the only one who had noticed this woman holding on to the light post to save herself from the trouble. It wasn’t that Joanie was standing in a no man’s land but everyone who saw this woman seemed to have ignored her and it appeared that there was nothing that could get this old woman out of the harm’s way. Three people simply ignored the struggling woman and walked past her. Would this woman meet an ill fate or was there still some hope left?