When summertime comes, we all know that struggle it brings along. We find ourselves feeling dehydrated and sunburned as well. Even though these issues prevail throughout the year, it usually occurs a lot more during the summer months. “Staying hydrated in the heat can be more challenging than in cooler temperatures because we lose a significant amount of fluid through our skin in the form of sweat,” says Jonah Soolman, RD, who works as a nutritionist and fitness trainer at Soolman Nutrition and Wellness in Wellesley, Mass. He explains that “our hydration needs tend to be higher than when the temperature is more mild or cold,” as we release water through sweat.

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Food and Nutrition Board’s report a few years back claimed that men take in 3.7 liters of water daily while women get 2.7 liters of water in their system day. The need for water also depends upon the humidity and altitude of the location we stay in. “[It’s] important for several reasons, including body temperature stability, bowel regularity, reduced kidney stone risk, and filtering waste products, just to name a few,” claims Soolman as he explains the importance of getting hydrated.
Here are some tips to stay healthy and hydrated every day:

Invest in a new water bottle

You need to own a refillable water bottle that you can bring everywhere. These days, you can get a nice design as per your desire. Who says you cannot drink water with style right?

Track your water intake

You can keep track of how much water you drink using apps that monitor your daily water intake or use specialized water bottles that give off light effects if not touched for a while. It will serve as a good reminder.

Drink better-tasting water

Did you even know that you can actually make water more delicious? Yes, there are means and ways to get your H2O to taste better. You can do this by dropping lemons, strawberries, cucumber slices and mint to take it up a notch.

Get some water through food

Watermelon, stone fruits, and cucumbers are necessities that you should consume during summertime. Even cherries and grapes or tomatoes are good for hydration. Keri Gans, RD suggests eating them with low-sodium cheese or nuts.

Keep track of your urine

Keep tabs on the color of your urine. This helps you understand your hydration level better. “I often suggest that people base their fluid input on their fluid output,” Soolman advises. “If someone is urinating every hour or two and the urine is a light lemonade color, they are probably taking in sufficient fluid. If the color is darker and/ or they are urinating less frequently, they could probably use more fluid coming in.”

Consider seltzer

In case you did not know, seltzer is hydrating. You do not have to drink it in bulks but a drink a day will help you say hydrated. Also, it doesn’t hurt to drink from a pretty looking glass, just saying.

Coconut water forever

Coconut water contains tons of electrolytes that are again helpful during those harsh summer days or times at the beach. Renee Clerkin, RD, suggests people to make sure that they drink plain coconut water and not the processed one.

Watch out for coffee and booze

You must keep in mind that coffee and alcohol are diuretics and that iced coffee cannot function like water does. Alcohol does not hydrate you just because it is liquid. Keep this in mind.

Reach for it first

Whenever you go to a party, always make sure you are hydrated before diving into the alcoholic drinks. Drinking a good amount of water will make you feel better too. So next time, make sure to put in a fair amount of H2O in your system while going out for drinks.