Growing Old

Fast forward many years. In 2019 Norah began to live in Dumbarton, a town in proximity to the town where she spent her childhood. By that time she had turned into the mother of four children Gregor, Lesley, Ross, and Andrew and also had five grandchildren. Now she was selling juices to make a living but still was clueless about her birth mom.         

TV Production

She was not going to give up yet. After undertaking some research, she contacted a TV production to get help in finding her birth mother or any kin she would have. 

A Clue

Well, the idea of contacting TV production did help her. After doing a lot of research with the help of archives, interviews, and pictures, Norah finally got a breakthrough. Perhaps Norah was quite closer to the woman who can be her birth mom. That is what she thought. Little did she know something really heartbreaking was awaiting her. 

Living Around

The woman she assumed to be her mother was Margaret Campbell. The woman stayed on Duntocher Road in Clydebank exactly where Norah had taken birth. Had she seriously found her mother or was it just a twist added to this story? She knew exactly what to say. 


Norah was very excited and nervous. She wondered how her birth mother would react after seeing her. Would she be happy or angry? With all these thoughts on her mind, she headed towards her supposedly birth mom’s home. Her racing heart threatened her to stop working when she was standing right before the entrance.          

A Stranger

She rang the doorbell only to get it opened by a stranger. She too was an old woman but not her mother. She enquired to the woman about her mother Margaret Campbell. It was then she learned that her birth mother had relocated to some other place that too many years ago. What worse, the current owner of the house had no clue about her whereabouts nor did she have any contact information.