Burning plant resins and herbs have been used for centuries, for healing and spiritual practices. This mystical activity, also called smudging, has been often viewed as esoterical. However, recent scientific evidence has shown that there is medicinal value to this ancient practice. It was shown that smoke from certain plants can have antiseptic properties and can purify the air by killing 94% of harmful bacteria.

Here are some of the extraordinary benefits from burning sage.

Asthma & allergies


It hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, but smudging is thought to release negative ions which will, in turn, neutralize positive ions.

This can be most helpful to people suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis and more. Just make sure not to inhale the smoke, is it can be an irritant. Wait until the room is clear before settling in.



Burning plants has been used as a spiritual practice for a long time. It can help create a relaxed and mystical atmosphere, but science is here to offer some info as well. Certain types of sage like the salvia sages or white prairie sage contain a compound called thujone. This chemical is a mild psychoactive, and it can induce a special kind of tranquility and serenity state of mind.



Smudging can tremendously help improve sleep and treat insomnia. The compounds released in the smoke have relaxing properties and can induce a much deeper and more restful sleep. There are also spiritual and traditional reasons for which smudging is used at night. It is thought to safeguard against negative energy in your bedroom.



Research has shown that even small amounts of sage, whether inhaled or consumed, can increase recall abilities and memory retention in people. The brain activity also demonstrates increased concentration and focus on a chosen topic, which means that for young people in school or for those in challenging, intellectually demanding careers, adding a bit of it to your diet may be subtle, but an effective brain booster.

Your environment


Smudging can create a fragrant smoke that sticks on certain objects for a while. It can even embed itself in the walls and plaster if done frequently enough. This can have a very interesting effect if you wish to give a special gift to someone. It can ward off any negative history or energy that’s clinging on to your new or unfamiliar object. Also, your house and smudging rooms will have a specific aroma that will linger on long after the ritual is complete.



Because of the aforementioned mild psychoactive compounds found in sage, as well as it’s spiritual and mood enhancing powers, it can really boost your well-being. Studies have shown that a certain type of sage called white prairie sage, was used as a potent remedy for treating anxiety, depression and mood disorders by some cultures with great success.

How to:


Smudging can be used on anything and everything such as an object, a room, your home or even yourself or someone else. Here are a few steps you can follow to achieve this.

● Put the dried sage in a bundle and light one end of it with a match or lighter. Blow out the fire quickly as to not catch the whole thing on fire.

● While the tips of the leaves are smoldering and releasing smoke, direct them around your body or whatever you have set up for smudging.

● You can also use a fan, or even blow wind out of your mouth, to direct the smoke, if so desired.

● Be careful in collecting the ash in a ceramic or metallic container.