Lesson 1: Life Is Unfair

For most of us, it takes a bunch of lessons to learn this fact, while for some people life is always happening. Unlike us, a giraffe’s calf learns its lesson even before opening its eyes for the first time. A baby giraffe falls six-foot when mother giraffe gives birth. After all, the mother keeps the baby inside for 13 to 15 months. Indeed life is unfair and if you haven’t learned it yet, then the next time you see a giraffe admire it as a creature much more experienced than you are!

Listening, Crying And Producing

Cows are choosy about music. Scientists can’t explain it but they have proved it after years of research that cows give more milk while listening to music. The most known song that works is R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.” They not only produce more milk but also cry as long as they are listening to the music. Now, making the poor creatures emotional just to get more milk sounds rude but that’s how it goes.

Although there is a bright side to their story, they like one more song and that doesn’t make them cry but help them to deal with the unstoppable tears flowing; Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” brings them back on track.

The Older The Lesser

Yes, they are closest ancestors we’ve got on records but who knew they live a similar life as most of the humans. Monkeys are known for living in groups. But studies state that as they grow up, they become less social and hang around with selective friends. Poor primates face the exact mid-life crisis as we do. Even the Gorillas’ get grey hair when they start aging.

All I Need Is The Sugar, Divine!

Just a stress eating happens with every one of us. The stressful life of a bee is way too much for them to handle. Bees too unburden themselves of the stress with the help of sugar. It is not just a source of energy to them but also something that makes them look up for another day. Life without sweetness will be as depressing as working without getting paid.

Getting Bored? Tried Destroying Yourselves?

What you do when getting bored and have nothing to do? Stare weirdly at your phone? Could be anything, right? Conures show the same symptoms of boredom like most of us. Conures have a painful way to grab attention. At times, they just want attention and they do what’s in their reach to get it. When they aren’t left with anything to do, they just start plucking their feathers one by one until someone notices them or they get something good enough to distract themselves.

One And Only

Foxes chose their mates for a lifetime. This is a pleasing fact to many people but the later part will be depressing for anyone. While the female foxes can find out other partners when their partner dies, male foxes stay dedicated to their mates even after they are dead. The males live alone after the females death.