Rebellious By Birth

There’s no doubt that the signs are just made for the humans to follow and work accordingly but the irony of this sign can make anyone laugh. This is unclear as to how a sign can be put up to ban a bird in a particular area but the bird doesn’t seem to give a hoot and sits on top of the sign like a boss. What makes this sign funnier is that if you observe closely the bird on the sign looks similar to that on the top. A perfect way to show the world that you can’t ban a bird from going anywhere, dogs surely will be jealous though!

Techniques Won’t Help

The Bible is a holy book that contains a lot of do’s and don’ts and is considered as a pathway to heaven. But today’s generation doesn’t seem to care about these and thinks there will be a way through which they could shield themselves. And the witty person who had put up this sign will surely make the people visit the church. The sign is a basic indication of how to protect ourselves from fire but the irony of the sign is that the technique won’t work in hell but a regular visit to the church might be able to save people from the fire in the hell.

Old Place New Name

This is one of the most skillful signs you’ll ever come across. An auto repair shop called Seattle Propane turns into a convenience store named ExtraMile. And it dawns upon the owners that they can’t use the sign anymore as there are no more cars to be fixed. The place is already covered with the store special. So they decided to make people laugh with the sign and succeded in it too.

Unique Way Of Helping

This sign takes advertising to another level. It seems most of the people that come to this restaurant are misers and only eat light snacks and drinks. The owners of the Fleming Arms, a family restaurant in Binstead village, choose an effective way to hike up their sales by putting up a sign which says “Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap”. Surely it will make people buy meals if not because of hunger but to protect themselves from getting kidnapped. If this scheme comes out to be true then it would be a great relief to the local police.

Weird Donation Request

This sign seems to be more like an inside joke rather than an informative sign. But we do hope that it is a joke! YWCA is a global movement striving for women’s empowerment in more than 120 countries globally. But this is unclear that out of all the things they could have encouraged the people to donate, they had asked to donate toilet papers. Maybe because people have forgotten to do good deeds like donating money to the needy one and this one is a sarcastic comment. Well, we can only guess!

Danger Zone

It’s our basic instinct to help someone in need but what if you come across a sign which warns you not to help. What will you do? Well, the questions arise why they had put up such a sign. There has to be a better reason for that and the sign explains it all. The part of the area in which this sign stand is an area where there may be a chance you end up helping a prisoner on a run. So they had clearly warned the passerby not to give a lift to the people on the road.