The brain is a complex organ to understand. There is so much about this organ that even the scientists do not know about. However, there have been some new discoveries about this mysterious organ which have been made just in the last 15 years. There have been myths about the brain which have been busted and here are … facts about the brain that are mind-boggling!

Brain Weight

A normal brain is 2% of the entire body’s weight, somewhere around 3 pounds. But this organ which is 2% of the total weight consumes 20% of the total oxygen and energy of the body. Around 60% of the dry brain weight is fat which makes it the fattiest organ of the body.

What’s It Made Of?

Our brain is made of 73% water. It is because of this reason that if the brain is dehydrated even by 2% it affects our memory, attention span, and cognitive skills. Also, 90 minutes of physical workout which causes sweating can shrink the brain temporarily as much as a year of aging can do.

Neurons And Brain Cells

It has not been determined with certainty but it is estimated that our brain roughly has 86 billion brain cells. A small brain tissue, the size of a grain of sand has 100,000 neurons and each neuron is capable of transmitting 1,000 nerve impulses in a second! And brain cells are not similar. There are as many as 10,000 different types of neurons in the brain. 

Oxygen Need

We all know that oxygen is the most important gas required by the human body and the brain required a constant supply of it. It might sound crazy but the truth is if the brain is deprived of oxygen even for five minutes it can lead to the death of some brain cells and cause serious brain damage. 

Brain Size And Maturity

Heads of babies are big so as to hold the fast-growing brains. The brain of a 2-year-old is already 80% the size of an adult brain. And even know this organ grows rapidly it is not fully formed even by the teen- age. It is only around the age of 25 that human brain attains complete maturity. 

Brain Speed

Have you ever wondered how your brain is able to process so much information, emotion etc at once? This is because the transfer of information in the brain happens at a whopping speed of 268 miles per hour! To give you an idea of how fast that is- Formula 1 race cars have the top speed of 240 miles per hour, so your brain is faster than that.