“Thinking about working out burns 0 calories, 0 percentage of fat and accomplishes 0 goals!” says the fitness expert Gwen Ro, a popular Instagram figure. A healthy person and an unhealthy person both eat but what makes a difference is what they eat, when they eat and how much they eat. If you think you are eating healthy and that’s enough for your part, that’s not true either.

So, that’s not what just people say on their experiences but scientists have had also proved the importance of the right diet at the right time in the right form. Running to the gym or eating overpriced food products that claim to be healthy is honestly not the key. Go through these options that will not ask for your precious time or money but will surely help in feeling and actually being healthy.

Let’s just say that most of the below-mentioned points are the simplest way to stay healthy!

Don’t “Diet,” Eat Healthy InsteadImage result for eating together gif

There’s a big difference in being on a strict diet and staying healthy. Firstly, most of the strict diets aren’t strictly followed. Secondly, the rest of the diets focus on the weight loss part and misses on the staying healthy part which is the most important thing. Let’s admit you can’t stay on a diet for the whole life and even if you manage to follow the routine and gain the desired weight. Once you are back in your old routine you’ll be back to the same size.

Desired goal: Aim for a consistently healthy living that will keep you fit as well as happier.

Eat Tasty To Stay HealthyImage result for tasty food gif

Always, always eat what tastes good to your tongue. Yes, mostly its difficult but you can try different things and at least one of them will fit with your taste buds. You don’t have to burden yourself with meals that you yourself don’t appreciate rather keep switching until you find what’s tasty as well as healthy.

Shop With A ListImage result for grocery store shopping with a list

All you need to do is, put a blank sticky note on your fridge, a few days before you go grocery shopping. And whatever is finished keep noting it down from time to time. This will help you in categorizing properly and have a look on the list from a healthier perspective and then take it to shopping. When you don’t have an exact list in front of you, it makes you buy more and more.

Next time you go, try to walk through a grocery store with a list in your hand. It’ll help you in buying more healthier food by spending less amount of money.

Here’s An Advice: Do NOT go to the store hungry! Go there with a full stomach and you’ll decrease a lot of possibilities of getting tempted by the unhealthy food.

Slow DownImage result for chew slowly gif

Your eating speed is directly related to the quantity you eat, and the quantity is for sure affects the weight gain. If we tell you according to the studies when scientists compared several peoples’ eating pace, it clearly indicated that people who eat at a fast pace are 115% more prone to weight gain than slow eaters. It’s wholly a matter of hormones that control your appetite. Hormones inform the brain about your current appetite after 20 mins, ie, if you eat slowly your brain will be knowing that you are full and you’ll feel full.

Again it’s on the basis of various studies that the slower you eat the fewer calories you’ll gain from your meals which helps in weight loss. Not only slow eating helps in lower appetite but also chewing food properly is linked to better weight balance.

In short, eating slowly and chewing more is more effective than skipping meals.

Say No To “Diet” Foods

Eating “diet foods” in your meal? Does that make you feel you’ve played your part in being healthy? Well, these food aren’t what they actually look like. As the fat content is lower compared to other products, these are packed and highlighted with points as “fat-free,” “low-fat,” “fat-reduced” or “low-calorie.”

Well, sounds good so far? But not anymore because we need to tell you the other half-truth which is the addition of other ingredients such as sugar and calories in order to maintain a balance of flavor and texture. Instead of diet food products, give fruits and veggies a chance to prove their wonderful effects.

Go For The CornersRelated image

While shopping from any grocery store make sure you shop more around the corner areas where the freezer sections are available instead of running straight to the middle section that is overloaded with packed and processed food which aren’t healthy at all. Shop for fresh as well as fruits, and vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grain bread and dairy products, frozen fruits vegetables, rolled oats, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta.