If you’re tired of searching for homemade hacks for different household chores. Be it lemon, be it baking soda, it certainly takes time and efforts. WD-40, a product that has much more potential than you ever thought. Many things have multiple uses but this one can make our day to day cleaning struggles a lot easier. Most of us think of it as an industrial product used by handymen and machinists but the truth remains hidden. Don’t thank us once you’ll know the hacks that WD-40 can be used for. Well, the great part is that the benefits are easy and we doubt you’ll forget it. After all who would mind finish the boring stuff soon and jump on their beloved couch?

Doggie-Doodog golden retriever

Pets are life but cleaning doggie-poop is one whole different thing that comes along with your dog. Got it stuck on your shoe? Simplify your life with WD-40. Spraying it at the affected area and remove it with a toothbrush, not to be mentioned an old toothbrush!

Polishing Silver

Anyone having even a single piece of silver at their homes will know how tarnishing deteriorates its real shiny color. But we buy silver because of its beautiful brightness, seeing it getting dull with use breaks our hearts somewhere. Next time it happens, just spray WD-40 on your silver ornaments and wipe it off. The process doesn’t require many efforts and you can happily flaunt your silver with this.

Cleaning Shoes

We love white sneakers but most of us get freaked out when they get dirty which is why we most of us don’t buy those no matter how much we like them. But everyone has the right to have at least one pair of white sneakers in their cupboard and now you can be fare with yourself and buy them without any tension of cleaning as WD-40 can even remove the stubby rock salt spots. The best thing is you can make your shoes waterproof also just by spraying it on the complete surface.

Protecting Bird Feeders

Most people who love gardening, also love birds and a perfect garden is incomplete without a beautiful bird feeder, isn’t it? The squirrels are another wonderful tiny creatures who love to break into the bird feeder and WD-40 is again a solution for it, a little spray down the center pole will do the job for you as the squirrels will slide right down.

Cleaning Toilets

Many of us have given up on cleaning the toilets. Because it doesn’t really help to depend on the type of water. Nothing new and you just need to use WD-40 as your regular toilet bowl cleaner. The thing is it gets clean faster compared to the toilet cleaners and it will stay like that for a longer period of time.

Unsticking Gum  

Chewing gum is another irritating thing. Sometimes it gets stuck on the dustbin and worse happens when it’s on your shoes, pants or jeans. Spraying WD-40 on your denim where the gum is stuck, will bring it right off. You’ll save yourself so much time and hard work.