#34. Young And FreeRelated image

Myth: The younger, the safer doesn’t really make sense.

Fact: Originally, all the women have chances of breast cancer. Yes, young women rarely get diagnosed for cancer. There have been cases where young girls had breast cancer. Out of all the people diagnosed, less than 5% of women diagnosed are under the age of 40 across the U.S.

#33. Stay Healthy, Stay Cancer FreeImage result for Healthy

Myth: Eat right, don’t smoke, exercise, stay fit, and don’t drink alcohol is the cure for breast cancer.

Fact: There’s no reason what human nature or habits cause breast cancer. Even if you eat well to stay fit never smoke or drink either, you might have cancer. Doctors have said that regular exercise and healthy eating reduces the risk but doesn’t end the risk. Thus, there’s no cure.

#32. No Caffeine Please!Image result for caffeine

Myth: Caffeine causes breast soreness and increases the risk of breast cancer!

Fact: Neither cancer is connected to soreness nor there’s any relation between cancer and caffeine, in fact, some doctors say that a medium consumption of caffeine could possibly lower down the risk of breast cancer. 

#31. The 30s Are The Riskiesthttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6mVkgfcLYU6JPkFsUqH9isCIy3qAyhgNoGmf_n6jLZ_awMo_CxX2n5JYDcnE8DkwEvFEnR0qv206bo6uuR0PC7UqmWeNYXWZnL4axR8o8Iqj1zm8LjNBs20y8jjK56grb_d7JLLjj0_FxR5Ceg

Myth: Breast cancer mostly occurs in ladies when they are in their 30s.

Fact: Breast cancer does not attack the mid ages rather the risk increases with the growing age. More than half of the breast cancer patients are diagnosed after menopause.

#30. Let Lumps Be!Image result for lumps on breast

Myth: Felt a lump in your breasts? Enough to give you goosebumps isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about that much though.

Fact: Our breasts are lumpy and just for the info, more than 80% of these lumps aren’t harmful. At times, a lump can also be because one’s periods’ date is close, again, that isn’t proven. 

#29. Beware Of Lumps?Related image

Myth: It is almost known that breast cancer always forms a lump but does it?

Fact: Lumps are not a warning as there are 7 other main warning signs for breast cancer. Out of the overall 8 symptoms, 6 are visual, ie, cannot be identified.