You may agree that parenting is not an easy thing. The parents have to go through a lot of troubles to raise their kids. If you are a parent you may know the hardships one goes through. And sometimes these hardships take a really funny turn. Check these tricks out that these creative parents came up with that are outright funny. You can also use one of them.

It’s Tricky

Tired of bottle feeding your kid in a conventional way? Then you can try this method. This is invented by a man who was too busy to bottle feed his children on his own. It is indeed difficult for parents of today’s age to take care of personal as well as professional life. For those, this trick comes in handy. 


Irony died the day this lady undersigned as “love.” Which love on earth cuts you off from wifi and promises to give you only when you send a picture of the clean kitchen? Perhaps the love of a mother. Do not miss out on the last line “May the odds be ever in your favor ” that was drawn from Hunger Games. Nice played!

Beware Of Moms

Mom knows what his son wants and the example of that is right before you. Well, the mom also knows how to use her kid’s wants in fulfilling what she wants and hello, you can use the same example for the reference. Ok, this got a bit confusing but, the whole point is that you cannot win from your mother. Here the kid tried to ignore his/her mother So, don’t teach your mother how to……. 

In Eleventh Hour

The dad clearly forgot how many kids he has. He brought four socks from the shop and forgot about the recently born Allison. Unfortunately, he realized it only a few hours before the Christmas eve. Having no option in hand he came up with an idea, he put his socks with the other four socks and scribbled the name of his fifth child on it. Well, I must say, this idea really SOCKS!

Grounded Rules

Congratulations and celebrations you just got grounded! What a way to wreck havoc on someone, oh wait on your own kids. The kids must have done something really very awful. Maybe that is why they are told to wash an island. Here, the mom appears to take as much advantage of their children’s grounding as she could. Among all this, we should not forget the point that the mom here tried to make a point by attaching points to this boring tasks in order to make them tempting. Nice attempt! I just wonder what tasks is she lef with now? Poor kids, smart MOM!


More power to MOM! Gone are the days when the parents used to beat their kids in order to punish them now just taking their phone away do wonders. Here, the daughter got “D” in maths so her mother punished her by taking her phone away and putting that in a glass box. Now, she can get it back only if she manages to elevate her grades to “B.”