Literally Too Good To Eat

Don’t let your eyes mislead you. This above picture is not of a crown that has been kept in the museum for the tourists to see. Instead, it is marzipan-glazed fruitcake which took six months to get completed. You can see the decoration on this appallingly beautiful cake. There are 223 sparkling stones and no, they are not fake. Those are real diamonds, and on the top, there’s a 5-carat diamond too, that make this exquisite dessert one of the most expensive foods on the planet. You have to wonder, do they even cut the cake?


What if we tell you, that, this dish here is not a main-course but a dish that is eaten after main-course. Yes, it is a dessert food. Æbleskiver is a traditional food served in Denmark during Christmastime. But what makes this dessert different from other desserts. Instead of filling it with usual stewed apples, they put pickles and smoked fish with vinegar and salt on the top. Each meal costs $296. The question is, would you spend your money to try them?

Decadent Dessert

Talking of desserts, if the above mentioned hasn’t peaked your interest than this one sure will. But to have this meal you need to start saving up because my friend, this meal demands a huge amount of money. This vibrant dessert is served at a seaside resort in the South Asian island country, Sri Lanka. So what else we have in the dish other than the chocolate fisherman on the stilts that is holding the dish. We have the Irish cream-soaked Italian cassata that contains gold leaf, accompanied by champagne sabayon and a pomegranate-mango compote on the side. Did we forget to tell you that there is a real, 80-carat aquamarine jewel that you are allowed to take with you? The price of this seaside sweet treat is $14,500. Hungry yet?

Pizza Of The Sea

This pizza is so expensive and royal that it was named after a French monarch, the Louis XIII. So now this pizza is called the Louis XIII Pizza. You can find this staggering expensive food at Renato Viola in Salerno, Italy. Its toppings on the buffalo mozzarella cheese bed include different types of caviar, crustacean, prawns, lobsters, and mantis shrimp. This pizza is served with the cognac and champagne. Ah! the cost. This pizza cost $12,000 and what’s amazing is that it can be made on-site, in your home. You know what to do now.

Bird Saliva, Anyone?

swallow nest soup chinese china expensive foods

Before you get disgusted by the thought of eating this soup which is prepared with, well, bird spit, let us tell you, that this is considered the most elegant in Chinese cuisine. It contains the nests of swallows, which they build with saliva. So what makes this soup so expensive that it is on the list? The answer is the hard work that goes into preparing the dish. You may know, swallows make their nests on cliff faces, and climbing them to pick the nests is very, very dangerous. The soup costs $3,000 per kilogram.

Best Netflix And Chill Ever

golden popcorn gold expensive foods

Who doesn’t love popcorn? A movie is incomplete without them. But what is the perfect popcorn? What does it taste like? If you seek these answers then we are here to help you find them. But the answer has a condition, that is, you should be those rich people with fat checkbook in hand. We present you, gold popcorn. It’s salty, sweet, and shinning at the same time. This popcorn is covered with sugar, bourbon vanilla, and butter from Vermont dairies. But what makes it so expensive is the dusting of gold flakes that make it $100 a quart. You wanted to taste the perfect popcorn, are you ready to spend this kind of money?