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Probiotics if you did not know, are actually live bacteria and yeast that have been proven to leave a good impact on your body. Back in 2015, a review that was made on 23 studies showed just how effective probiotics could be in improving the common symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


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Even if there is no scientific evidence to prove one, it is a fairly common practice to consume or use local honey for treating allergies. Honey has been used for years to reduce allergic reaction due to the pollen that bees spread in the spaces near you for making their honey.

Air Conditioners And Dehumidifiers

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You might not notice this but there is a very helpful effect that air conditioners and dehumidifiers have for people with allergies. They are excellent to get rid of moisture from the air which means that air conditioners and dehumidifiers can cut the growth of anything in the air that might elevate the chances of your allergies to act up.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C has been known to be of help health wise for many reasons. There is yet another method that people who prefer natural remedies have been very supportive of taking 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C every day to decrease the histamine levels of a person with allergies.

Peppermint Essential Oil

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There was a study published in 1998 that indicated that peppermint oil treatment was found to be good for anti-inflammatory effects, possessing an ability to bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis to warrant clinical trials. Essential oils like this should always be diluted with a carrier oil if needed to be applied to the body.

Frankincense Essential Oil

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A study made in the year 2016 has revealed that frankincense oil can be used in curing or healing perennial allergic rhinitis. How? you ask. Well, if you diffuse it with a carrier oil and dab it behind your ears or use inhalation when you diffuse it in the air, you will almost immediately see results.