4. Post-sweat Smoothies

Some of us love to give the beverage bar a visit once done with an extensive work out session. “If you’re in the habit of ‘refueling’ with a protein shake or smoothie after every single workout, you may want to reconsider,” St. John advises, “For most workouts longer than one hour in length, eating a protein-rich meal afterward is completely sufficient. Consuming a protein shake in between is likely unnecessary and instead just increases caloric consumption.”

5. ‘Saving Calories for Later’

When you skip consuming food that you think is bad for you while you go out with friends for drinks, you are not doing your body any good. You actually cannot maintain a healthy eating habit and maintain portion control if you are starved. You can carry a cup of baby carrots or an ounce of almonds to make sure you do not starve and overeat. Just keep your alcohol intake at two cups tops to make sure you can control yourself.

6. You Eat the Wrong Fish

One of the most popular weight friendly meals would definitely be a delicious piece of fish, right? Even though this was a fact 100 years ago, it is a different case in today’s world. Even if fish is a great source of lean protein and heart-bolstering omega-3 fatty acids, it has a few characteristics that are sure to bloat your belly. Shocking, huh?

In-Depth Study

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So, if you actually learn more about farm-raised salmon, for example, you will certainly get a little more than shocked. Even though wild salmon has a high percentage of omega-3 acids that are known to stop weight gain or inflammation in the body, farm-raised salmon is abundant with omega-6s. Yes, this can actually cause you to gain weight!

7. And the Wrong ‘Healthy’ Snacks

Many of us are getting used to having ‘healthy snacks’ instead of full course meals these days in order to trim our weight. Marketers are well aware of this so they have capitalized on this idea. They use misleading health-centric ads for “whole wheat,” “gluten-free,” and “low-fat” on foods that are just as unhealthy as ice cream and cookies.

What To Do?

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If you are someone who loves flavored yogurt, whole grain cereal, pretzels, and dried fruit, there are ways you can go about in enjoying your favorite snacks still. Even if you feel you feel you are keeping an obstacle to achieve your workout goals, there are ways you can still avoid damaging your health. Just make sure you keep your food stash in your kitchen healthy.