Can you believe smoking tobacco was considered to be healthy once? Experts have also made it seem as though sugar is actually beneficial for your health, and remember the low-fat craze of the ’80s and early ’90s? Well, can we all learn from all these claims and assumptions that some “healthy” habits did not really turn out to be so…

No Truth Behind

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Science and research are ever present so the means for weight loss are constantly changing too. Nutritionists are therefore always changing up their diet plans as more info comes along. Be sure to stop following any antiquated advice because you should know by now that times are changing and humans are getting smarter. So here are some of the more popular hoax under the topic of ‘weight loss regimes’… 

1. Artificial Sweeteners Are A No No!

To be quite honest, who can ever say no to a scrumptious cake? Since people still want to indulge in puddings, cookies and soda manufacturers are trying hard to find alternate and ‘healthier ‘ means to still give you your sugary delights. They do not actually have you reduce weight but rather the opposite. Artificial sweeteners cause insulin to be released into the gut…

Still Unhealthy

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Manufacturers also add palm oil and cream as a substitute for the sweet taste, even if sugar is completely eliminated. Also, sugar alcohols that can give a laxative effect are sometimes used too. Do not be fooled by ‘sugar-free’ snack and give in to your cravings in moderation.

2. Guzzling Bottled Water

To stay hydrated is something crucial for your health, so make sure you always have a bottle of water by your side. Even though you need your daily dose of H2O, one thing you must remember is to switch your throwaway bottles for reusable one that is BPA-free variety. Bisphenol A aka BPA has been linked to obesity and can also cause harm to a female’s fertility. Want to know why?

The Explanation

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Back in 2011, there was a  Harvard study that proved that the highest concentration of BPA found in people’s urine was having larger waists and the probability to be obese in the lowest quartile. So just make sure you get yourself a BPA-free bottle to avoid any potential harm to your body!

3. Daily Work-Out

While working out is necessary to maintain figure and keep fit, if you regularly sprint and lift you need to give your body ample time to recover and rebuild.  There always work out in moderation suggests Jay Cardiello, a fitness, and nutrition expert has worked with 50 Cent and J.Lo. So how much does your body need? Cardiello says one or two days every week should be enough.