It is the internet world. You are getting bored? Scroll through the net. Hungry? Order it online or find a recipe. Want to play? There are thousands of games available. Want to study or read a book? Again, google the books and read. Even if you don’t know anything, Google knows everything. But what if you want true love? Can the internet help you with that? Of course, now, one might say there are many dating apps available for that.

This is a real-life story of two individuals who met over Instagram. When this internet age has its own set of pros it comes an equal number of cons. And this is evident from the number of cyber crimes being notified. A man tries to grab the attention of a woman by following her over her IG handle. What followed next was something that woman had never hoped for.

So Common

Instagram handle works on the basis of followers and your followings. While a majority of the people keep their accounts private, there are hundreds of bloggers and people who would randomly follow anything they like or appreciate. This is something really common. But the thing not that common is…

Hashtag Rule

Not many private account holders are aware that adding hashtags on their pictures make them available on a public platform. All the photographs having the same hashtag will always appear publicly to anyone who would be looking for that particular hashtag. This hashtag has made it an altogether new platform in the social world. What is that?


Hashtags are often followed by a group of people who share a common interest. There are many travel and food blogs running on the basis of their popular hashtags. The protagonist of this story found a woman while searching for a hashtag. And his searching skills soon turned into the one no less than that of an investigator.

Missionary and Pastor

He was a missionary residing in Kenya. He had a stable life, fixed daily routines, and chores. He would have gone miles following the same pattern if he wouldn’t have stumbled upon an Instagram account of a female pastor. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the missionary was unduly attracted to her.

The Youth Pastor

She was a female youth pastor. Not only was she firm and obedient in her prayers but she was also an avid user of social media. Like the majority of the women of her age, she too loved flooding her Instagram account with her pictures. And it was her pictures that garnered the Kenyan Missionary’s attention.

Complete Strangers

The pastor and the missionary were complete strangers to one another. They had never known the other person. But neither had they thought that when they would cross one another’s path. Not all strangers meet for one typical reason, there are some like these who etch a story not so common.