Unusual Rescue

The truth dawned upon him when he realized that it was a Koala. Now, what was he doing there amid the bay? How did it come to this far? There were many questions popping up on their mind but as time was running out of their hands, they decided to rescue the stranded animal first. Without thinking twice he jumped into the cold water……

His Presence

The man made his way to the mooring. He swam up to the koala but the animal appeared not to be in the mood to bear his presence. He moved backward in line with the ropes. The strings were hooked to the tire. Sean understood by then that Koala was going to hamper this rescue mission.     


Gary on the other side hurled a rescue board towards Sean in the water. Sean immediately took hold of it. He with a racing heart moved towards the Koala and then something happened that he had not expected. Koala went limping on seeing him coming. It was ready to give itself over to Sean. 

In Peace

Sean picked it up and placed it above the board. He saw the creature staring at him with exhausted brown eyes and then he shut it off after letting out a sigh. That moment a fear coursed through their body. Was the luck on their side or not? 

Too Late?

Sean made his way back to the boat carrying the tired koala and brought him onboard. The koala did not move at all. Gary and Sean were fearful that perhaps the koala had given up on his life. They pushed that thought away and covered him in an insulation blanket and prayed. Sean reminisces, “We turned the engine off and I threw a blanket over him while I was standing on the ladder at the back of the boat,”

Was He Fine?

After observing some warmth, the creature awoke from his unconsciousness. It moved its head very slowly though it was enough to indicate that the Koala was fine. Both of them took a sigh of relief. This was the very first time they had come across a situation like this, so they could not understand what to do with him.