It would not be inaccurate to say that all of us wish for a healthy heart. However, cardiovascular disease is a common medical drawback that is experienced by 1 out of 3 adults in America. Don’t get your hopes down just yet because there are everyday habits that can help make a huge difference in you leading a healthy lifestyle. 17 bad habits you can start avoiding to gave a healthy working heart are:

Watching TV

The risk of getting a heart attack and stroke is increased when or if you sit in front of your television for too long. Even people who exercise regularly are not exempted. “Intermittent exercise doesn’t compensate for the time you sit,” claims Harmony R. Reynolds, MD, associate director of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, from New York City.


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So what could be the main reason behind this common habit that we are of so guilty of being a threat to our well being? It is the lack of movement which in turn affects the blood levels of fats and sugars. Dr. Reynolds suggests walking and jogging periodically and in case you are in your office, to stand up while using the phone at least.

Unchecked Hostility And Depression


Do you constantly find yourself consumed with the feeling of stress, hostility, or depression? Well, we are sorry to tell you this but this could potentially harm your heart in the process if you feel like this most of the time. We all know that life is not easy and we may feel these emotions sometimes, but how you handle it impacts your heart’s health.

Talk To Someone

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“Those likely to internalize stress are in greater danger; research has shown a benefit to laughter and social support,” Dr. Reynolds explains, “And it’s helpful to be able to go to someone and talk about your problems.” So there you have it. It is not only freeing to be vocal about your frustrations, even your heart benefits from it.

Ignoring The Snoring


Snoring can sometimes lead to something very serious regarding your health. Have you ever heard of obstructive sleep apnea? It is a disorder, marked by breathing that is interrupted during sleep resulting in the blood pressure to skyrocket. Over 18 million Americans adults are known to be affected by sleep apnea and are prone to heart diseases.

A Concern

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Obesity and overweight people are common victims of sleep apnea, even though slim folks can be affected too. When or if your snoring leaves you feeling tired, then consult a doctor. Many easy ways of screening for apnea are these Robert Ostfeld, MD, s cardiologist and director of preventive cardiology at Montefiore Health System, in New York City has revealed.