Ever came across a situation so frightening that all your senses literally go numb. You are not able to think and act. You are confused about the strange chaos and life seems to approach a dead end. It is the moment when your blood runs cold and you can’t think of what to do next.

Something similar happens when Brandie – the mother of two daughters, steps out from the car to help the people injured by a car crash. And what she sees next is a strange looking horrifying man forcibly gets into her car in which her two daughters aged 12 years and 7 years old were sitting. He locks in the car and did not seem to have good intentions. While she being the mother couldn’t do anything to save her daughters, her elder daughter took the situation in her hands and did the unthinkable.

Acting Instantly

She saw the man coming towards their car. But she did not anticipate that he would unlock the doors and sit in the one. She was scared. Her mother was at a distance and she and her younger sister were all alone in the car. And now they were locked with a stranger and oddly scary looking man. What was the man up to?


Maddie and Mollie were perplexed. They could not figure out why has the man barged into their car. Brandie rushed towards the car to look into the matter, but the man already paved his way into the car. Maddie after being baffled for a few minutes acts on the situation to save her younger sister and herself from the unpleasant.

Family Day

It was a holiday that day, and a pleasing weather made it the perfect day to go for a picnic. The sisters have been asking their mom to take them to the amusement park at the Easter weekend, and so there it was. Maddie and Mollie along with Brandie dressed in the T-Shirts reading Family Day and were all set to leave.

Ready Set Go

Brandie took the car out from the driveway, and Maddie and Mollie excitedly hopped in. They were very enthusiastic about this trip. All they were talking about on their way was which ride would they bump into first. Brandie was overjoyed to see her daughters this happy. Little did she know that their happiness was timebound that day. They were driving towards the uncertain.


The trio of mom and daughters were driving to the amusement park, Williamsburg, Virginia. Mollie being the youngest couldn’t control her excitement. And all she asked Brandie in every now and then was “Mom, how long will it take us to reach there”? Unfortunately, even the mother didn’t know that they will never be able to make it to the amusement park.

A Car Crash

They were passing by J. Taylor Highway when Brandie saw that a car has managed to bang into the greens. Being a holiday, the highway was empty and no one was there to help the people who must have been injured in the crash. Brandie couldn’t drive through like that and she decided to lend a helping hand to the poor passengers. A helping hand that cost over her daughter’s life.