When you eat two eggs daily, there are immense health benefits to enjoy. Naturally, the compounds in poultry eggs exist in major organs and tissues of humans. However, here are ten things that will happen when you consume two eggs daily.

Boosts fertility


There’s a rich content of vitamin B9 (folic acid) in egg yolk; precisely 7 mcg in one egg. Eating two eggs per day will boost your fertility and make good reproductive health. Women who are pregnant are given folic acid to prevent neural tube defects. With the intake of two eggs per day; fetal mental disorders can be prevented.

Tackles vitamin D deficiency


There’s a rich content of vitamin D (fat-soluble secosteroid) in eggs. Eating two eggs per day will prevent the deficiency of vitamin D. Eggs form the main diet and not a supplementary diet. So, vitamin D intake is sure to speed up the absorption of calcium that builds strong teeth and bones.

Good eyesight


There are two powerful antioxidants in eggs – zeaxanthin and lutein; they boost eyesight. Eat two eggs daily to prevent eye tissues from degenerating and maintaining clear eyesight.

Lowers the risk of cancer


Choline and phospholipids are two active compounds that fight cancerous cells. According to clinical studies made by the Society for cancer Eradication; daily consumers of eggs have reduced their risk of cancer by twenty percent.

Choline Production


Choline exists in eggs with another active compound called phospholipids. Eat two eggs daily to increase the production of nutrients that form the building block of your brain cells. The deficiency of choline leads to loss of cognitive capacity.

Rich Hair Texture


There’s a rich content of vitamin B12 and biotin in eggs. When you experience hair breakage, receding, and poor hair growth; it’s time to increase your egg intake.

Flushes toxins


When toxins and free radical agents remain powerful in the bloodstream, they cause oxidative stress for our cells. The effect of oxidative stress leads to the breakdown of the basic component of human life. To prevent resulting illnesses, consume two eggs daily to expel toxins from the liver.

Cardiovascular Health


To boost cardiovascular health, nutritionists advise the consumption of eggs. There’s a rich content of omega-3 fatty acid that lowers triglyceride levels and the ‘bad’ cholesterol. The cholesterol from eggs is safe for your blood vessels.

Slow down the process of aging


The intake of eggs daily has been clinically proven as a boost for facial skin beauty. Freckles, wrinkles and dark spots (especially under-the-eye) that are signs of aging can be faded by daily consumption of two eggs.

Promote weight loss


Eggs consumption increase satiety, and it’s a staple food for weight loss enthusiasts. However, by increasing the rate of metabolism; eating two eggs per day is an effective therapy for fat burning.