Leftovers can become ingredients for a new meal. When you don’t throw away the leftover and preserve them; they’ll save some money and time. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization; Americans waste over 50 billion dollars’ worth of food every year. Nearly half of the U.S population use their fridges as storage for leftover foods before thrashing them.

Durable Storage


With better storage techniques, you’ll never look at leftovers the same way again. Sealable plastic bags, glass containers, microwave bowls and zip-top gallon bags can safely store leftover foods in freezers until they are reused.

Turn Leftover Foods Into The Next Meal


Get creative with leftover food and turn them into the next meal. Your leftovers of fish and veggies can serve as a meal of porridge, a stir-fry or fish tacos. An ideal quick meal from leftover food is a way to save some money.

Tomato Paste


Adding leftovers of tomato paste to soup is the smartest way to go. To preserve tomato paste overnight; freeze in a plastic can. At dawn, the tomato paste can be used for a soup recipe with chili or spice.

Meat Stock


Don’t throw excess stock of meat or fish down the kitchen drain without reusing it. Instead, use leftover stock to add flavor to porridges or rice. Meat stock carries nutrients from the original ingredients and can give your grains or fingerling potatoes some delightful taste.

Avocado Smoothies


Avocados are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and many vitamins that are life’s building block. Never throw leftover avocados away without using them for a low-carb breakfast. Instead, add avocados to recipes of smoothies and enjoy some healthy fats while you consume the creamy drink.

Sour Cream


Sour creams don’t go stale; however, they lose their freshness because of air exposure. Add a dollop of sour cream to pancakes and make a fluffier meal of breakfast. Instead of the regular classic buttermilk, make a traditional sour cream crumb cake out of the leftovers.

Sweetened Condensed Milk


Think of making an instant dessert when there’s a breakfast leftover of sweetened condensed milk. A coffee lover can stir this sweetened condensed milk in a cup of black coffee. More so, a bowl of mixed fruit dessert can be sweetened by drizzling a dash of sweetened condensed milk.

Spicy Soup


Convert leftovers of steamed vegetables into a spicy pot of soup. All you need is to puree the leftover veggies, add chicken broth and spice up the soup with chili and some seasoning. Heat up the sauce with olive oil and enjoy.

Hot Dog


Normally, hot dogs are sold in a pack of rolls; you can reuse the leftovers after eating a meal prepared with them. Instead of baking hot dogs into croutons, try tossing them into a bowl of soup or salad.

Stale Bread


Breadcrumbs and leftovers shouldn’t be thrashed even when they’re stale. Cut them in halves when bread loaves lose freshness. Drizzle with a dash of olive oil, and garnish with some slices of tomatoes. Add some spices and wrap in foil before pre-heating in the cooker’s oven.