Metabolism means the breakdown of the calories from food that leads to the release of energy to the body. It’s a complex biochemical process that involves chemical reactions. However, the rate of metabolism depends on the lifestyle and diets we choose for our bodies. Physical exercises like walking, swimming, yoga, and other aerobic activities are helpful for metabolism.

Mistake: Consuming a higher glycemic index (GI) foods

The rate at which diets affect the blood sugar is indicated as a glycemic index (GI). High glycemic index diets take the rate of metabolism down south. Instead of starchy foods, refined sugar or flour; consume leafy green veggies, legumes, and whole grains. Low glycemic foods help to raise the rate of metabolism when you consume more of them.

Mistake: Depletion of Iron without replenishment

Every month before the age of menopause, women shed their level of iron through menstruation. Apart from transporting oxygen to cells for healthy living, iron-rich foods boost metabolism. Plantains, legumes, vegetables, and shellfish are rich sources of iron that can replenish the blood of women that menstruate.

Mistake: Sleep deprivation of indulging in low-quality sleep

By having insufficient sleep time, you stand the risk of gaining weight and reducing the rate of metabolism. So, the act of interrupted sleep doesn’t only change your circadian rhythms. Within a 24-hour period; there are biological events that take place in the body because of our response to light and darkness. Sleep is highly important for a good metabolic rate.

Mistake: Eating at random and without a plan

The act of irregular meal timing is a bad dietary practice. It poses a health hazard when the digestive system is unable to predict when to break down the next meal. To keep a high metabolic rate; follow a pattern of consuming frequent meals every day.

Mistake: Indulging in high content of alcoholic drinks

Indulging in a lifestyle of regular binging or alcoholic cocktail slows your metabolic rate. More so, alcoholic drinks slow the rate of fat-shedding to about seventy percent. Instead of alcoholic beverages, you can find organic fruit juice as a substitute.

Mistake: Avoiding Resistance Training

Working out by using light exercises and resistance training with weights can quicken the rate of metabolism. Weight and fitness enthusiasts use exercises to shed body fat. Fortunately, indulging in resistance training is a surefire way of toughening your muscle mass and burning fat. Exercises of strength training can burn extra calories and spike metabolic rate.

Mistake: The lack of sufficient consumption of dairy products

Dairy products are rich sources of calcium. Apart from developing strong teeth and bones; the deficiency of calcium will lower the rate of metabolism. Insist on consuming fat-free milk or low-fat dairy products because they prevent the accumulation of unhealthy fatty acids in the digestive system.

Mistake: Not drinking enough water

Over sixty percent of the human body is made of water. By consuming at least, a gallon of water every day; there’s a balance in internal body temperature and a boost in metabolism. More so, the consumption of water flushes toxins off the bloodstream.

Mistake: Stressful habits

Metabolism slows down with high-stress levels that induce health problems. However, small levels of stress with great control is a good exercise for the mind and body. Ensure that you don’t indulge in long-term stressful habits because they induce cortisol (a stress hormone) and insulin. These hormones increase the accumulation of fat and slow down metabolism.

Mistake: The consumption of sugary beverages

The consumption of sugary drinks has been linked to diabetes and obesity. Ingredients in juices and sodas with preservatives and table sugar could rise to about 55 percent of fructose. Consumers of fructose-sweetened beverages will experience slow metabolic and fat accumulation in their livers.